Industrial equipment

LLC RASSE performs supply of equipment of any complexity for technological infrastructure of power engineering, nuclear industry facilities and chemically hazardous production facilities.

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Industrial equipment supply

Industrial equipment supply

For more than 10 years RASSE specialists have been performing specialized supplies of standard as well as specific technological equipment of any complexity aimed at outfit of facilities of power economy, nuclear industry and chemically hazardous production.


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Specialized equipment supply

Implementation of equipment supply including equipment for nuclear industry and chemically hazardous production (safety class 3 and 4), combined systems of loud-speaking industrial communication, a wide range of pumping and specialized ventilation equipment. Moreover, we are able to perform coordination of technical requirements with manufacturing plants, receive conclusions on test performance connected with temperature and vibration increase, and implement other specific requirements.

Facilities construction

Within the framework of the Strategic arms destruction program our company proposes a set of qualified construction and assembly works including supply, assembling, commissioning and start-up of water preparation equipment, construction for dining facilities for soldiers and officers, etc.

Projecting and modernization of facilities

A set of services for reconstruction of CHPP and other industrial facilities, military communities along with estimation of project documentation, visual examination of sites, etc.

Licenses and certificates

RASSE company has got the complete list of licenses, certificates of conformity, warrants and conclusions required for its full-fledged operation.

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