Small-scale power generation

LLC RASSE performs gas generator stations construction, creation of alternative energy sources and back-up and emergency power supply systems, creation of management systems for electric power systems, maintenance and repair of co-generation plants, while letting the customers control power expenses, provide security and steadiness of the production.

Business profile

Independent power supply

Independent power supply

RASSE solves tasks of independent and uninterruptible power supply by means of creation of mini-CHPP (combined heat and power plant) based on gas reciprocating units and gas-turbine units working in generation-, cogereration- and trigeneration regimes. Competence of company specialists covers the whole cycle of power engineering facilities creation including pre-design expertise and project activities, service of on-site works and project management, commissioning and start-up as well as logistics and delivery. Our specialists’ expertise enables providing deep integration of mini-CHPP with the existing technology considering work in conditions of abruptly variable loads, including integration of upper level system in ERP or SCADA.


  • Siemens
  • MTU onsite energy
  • MWM
  • GE
  • Cummins

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Stand-by and Emergency power supply

Stand-by and Emergency power supply

RASSE Generation Control creates and implements solutions based on traditional diesel generators or dynamic UPS as well as industrial modular systems of electric power accumulation. Complexes created with the use of Russian inventions support both possibility of remote control and hot swapping. Similar systems have already been involved in work on sites of high responsibility.

We propose:

  • Diesel power plants both container-type and stationary
  • Dynamic UPS
  • Industrial electric power accumulators
  • Systems of uninterruptible power supply with multiple duplication

Renewable energy source

Renewable energy source

Solving tasks of power supply of remote sites has inflicted development of solutions not demanding regular fuel delivery based on wind power plants, solar power stations and combined systems. We are ready to perform realization of independent solutions not demanding the presence of operating personnel and regular service visits, and enabling the use of remote control and remote monitoring only along with comprehensive integration in customer’s centralized SCADA-system

  • Wind power plants
  • Solar power stations
  • Combined autonomous power supply systems

Management of electric energy systems and equipment

Management of electric energy systems and equipment

We are ready to implement design and realization of energy systems management on a turnkey basis including concept and system architecture elaboration, information security provision including upper level system introduction (automated process control system) up to elaboration and assembling of automation and control cabinets. The solution enables monitoring and management of power engineering facilities, control of key points, account and control of resources and resource consumption; the solution also provides planning tools and enables transparent management both on site and centrally or remotely.

The system of automated management of technological processes (SCADA) proposed by RASSE is a unique homegrown elaboration that possesses not only a wide functionality but is also suitable for realization of import substitution program. The system has passed many introductions and at the moment is installed on more than a hundred Russian sites – from Baikonur cosmodrome to greenhouse complexes and oilfields of Extreme North.

Service and complete repairs of power-generating equipment

Service and complete repairs of power-generating equipment

Service specialists of our company possess vast experience and are ready to run diagnostics of failed equipment and restore its

Working capacity.

Our successful experience in complete repairs and upper and lower overhauls allows to determine working schedule and budget precisely and to provide the compliance with them. Our mobile repairing shop can be deployed on customer’s site with minimal demands for infrastructure.

  • Post-warranty service maintenance of gas reciprocating units and diesel plants
  • Upper repair of gas reciprocating power plants
  • Lower overhaul of reciprocating power plants
  • Complete repairs of high-powered gas reciprocating plants on site
  • Restoration of heads of cylinder blocks
  • Mobile repairing shop

Range of services

Exploratory design

Examination of the customer’s infrastructure and determination of the equipment state in order to integrate a new object, plan repairs or restoration, perform scheduled maintenance or make up a technical project.

Project design work

Design of the solution according to individual demands of the customer, preparation and approval of a full set of necessary documents.

Purchase and shipping of heavy and oversized equipment

Making up an order, purchase and further shipping to the exploitation site of the necessary technological equipment.

Construction and installation works from zero cycle

Conduct of a full range of works – from construction and installation to CAR/EAR management - at power engineering facilities on a turnkey basis.

Commissioning and start-up of the basic equipment of mini-CHPP and supplementary systems

Performance of commissioning and start-up of basic and supplementary equipment of mini-CHPP.

Service and complete repairs of gas reciprocating plants and diesel plants

A range of services of organization and performance of service maintenance and complete repairs of gas powered electrical generators and diesel plants.

Complete repairs of generation equipment without withdrawal from exploitation site

Organization and performance of complete repairs of generation equipment directly on exploitation site by efforts of RASSE specialists without necessity of its additional transportation.

Licenses and certificates

RASSE company has got the complete list of licenses, certificates of conformity, warrants and conclusions required for its full-fledged operation.

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