Major construction work

RASSE provides services of major construction and renovation of civil and industrial-purpose sites both on a turnkey basis (from pre-design preparation to putting into commission) and separate work stages.

Business profile

Pre-design works

Pre-design works

Comprehensive pre-design preparation with the participation of RASSE team is targeted at precise determination of set of restrictions and probable risks of the customer prior to start of operations. The company provides multifold possibilities of expert appraisal of not only architectural documentation (site plan, city development plan for land, land use and development rules, etc.), engineering survey data (performance of engineering survey if necessary), design and initial permit documentation but also of probable expenses in case of non-complete assortment or incorrectness of the provided materials. RASSE experts also perform elaboration of preliminary architectural concepts and layout design, estimation of technical and economic measures of the project including the cost of construction and renovation. Execution schedule, deadlines and schedules necessary for compliance with technical conditions of connection to exterior power supply utilities and transportation lines are considered herewith.

Technical client department

Technical client department

Engineers of RASSE provide a service called “Technical client department” which comprehends collection, correction, execution of initial permit documentation, work with supervisory agencies and regulating authorities, engineer surveys along with maintenance, estimation of completeness and impact of results on the project. Moreover, RASSE experts ensure counteraction at the moment of receiving terms of reference from utility providers or other organizations with load summary, estimation and optimization of solutions, as well as support of agreements and expertise of design documentation, procurement of construction permits, execution of orders for separate types of work. Services of construction organization and management within the framework of this direction enable specification of working cycle interconnection, implementation of construction supervision and schedule control of construction permits, scope and quality of the performed work. Construction costs are controlled, laboratory, research and examining procedures are conducted, instrumental monitoring and maintenance or as-built documents are performed. As a result, RASSE ensures implementation of actions aimed at commissioning of the completed project.

General contract

General contract

Within the framework of general contract RASSE organizes and conducts construction and assembly works using its own resources as well as by engaging subcontracted and specialized companies and also coordinates actions of all the participants of the project and ensures full construction readiness of facilities. Moreover, qualified specialists of the company perform control and supervision of the compliance of scope, costs and quality of the works conducted by subcontractors with building regulations and standards.

Range of services

Pre-design services

Full pre-design elaboration along with expert estimation of solution correspondence to targets and goals of the customer as well as to statutory requirements and standards of the industry.

Support of receiving technical specifications

This service includes load summary and support of receiving technical specifications in authorized authorities.

Elaboration of design documentation

Qualifies engineering personnel implement elaboration of design documentation according to the goals of the customer and the current law.

Service “Technical customer”

If necessary, the Company can act as Technical customer at the stage of design, construction and commissioning of the erected facilities.

Construction activities

Services performed by the operating unit of RASSE cover a full range of activities aimed at construction of facilities on a turnkey basis.

Licenses and certificates

RASSE company has got the complete list of licenses, certificates of conformity, warrants and conclusions required for its full-fledged operation.

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