Engineering systems

For many years now experts of LLC RASSE have been creating functional engineering systems of any complexity for conference-halls, situation centres, open platforms, trade and business-centres, houses, hotels and industrial facilities.

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Multimedia systems

Multimedia systems

Company Specialists’ Comprehensive practical experience and developed expert investigation in engineering complex deployment enable the possibility to provide customers with high quality services of design and of multimedia systems of any level for buildings and structures installation on a turnkey basis.

At the moment core vectors of development of this area include not only creation and successful introduction of multifunctional multimedia complexes – illuminated signs, intellectual video display and sound reinforcement systems – for conference halls and open spaces of the customers, shopping and business centers but also deployment of extensive specialized systems enabling efficient work of large situation centers.


  • NEC
  • Bosch
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung

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Security systems

Security systems

Provision of security of deployed complexes of buildings and structures plays a major role in functional infrastructure creation. RASSE provides services of design and introduction of a wide range of security systems using modern key products of international and domestic producers and guarantees performance reliability of engineering solutions and complex protection of facilities. It enables the customers from different sectors not only to organize video surveillance and digital clock system, control and manage the access, elaborate quality structural cable systems for engineering solutions, minimize risks connected with fire break-outs or other emergencies but also if necessary to inform promptly of such emergencies and perform evacuation in time.


  • dahua

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Power-supply systems up to 1000V

Power-supply systems up to 1000V

RASSE provides services of electrical power supply system construction meeting all the requirements to the quality of the electric power at input to the consumer, operation safety, unification, energy efficiency and energy saving as well as ecological compatibility and ergonomics.

Sources, conversion systems, systems of transmission and distribution of electric power (excluding using equipment) make up solutions provided successfully by qualifies specialists of the Company. It enables to organize continuous and uninterruptible power supply, industrial and public lighting, equipment management based on various protocols.


  • APC
  • ABB

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Dispatching control and management of engineering systems

Dispatching control and management of engineering systems

RASSE provides its customers with services of design and introduction of automated systems of dispatching control accompanied by elaboration and setting of local automation of engineering systems constituting in their turn a coherent complex of software and hardware aimed at remote management and monitoring of the work of one or several engineering systems of buildings. 

Such solutions enable to provide uninterruptible operation of the equipment at multifunctional sites, expand its resource, lower power consumption as well as minimize risks of failures and faults of engineering systems. It is used broadly for large office complexes, industrial enterprises, shopping and leisure centers.


  • Siemens
  • Schneider

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Range of services

Congress-systems and simultaneous interpretation

Creation of modern complex solutions including full-scale transmission of video-, audio-, multimedia content and finger-tip control conducing organization of comfortable communication both for public events and for corporate objectives.

Sound reinforcement

Development and installation of professional audio equipment systems on a turnkey basis enabling clearer voice transmission, sound amplification and equal distribution of volume pressure depending on the installation site.

Video display

Design and realization of modern systems of video display of information based on the products of leading world manufactures ensuring high quality of images, finger-tip control using innovative technologies. Solutions are aimed at transmission of video from any source to such display facilities as interactive sensor and LED screens, video walls of different scale and complexity, digital panels, etc.

Integrated and complex security systems

Design and installation of complex integrated systems of security assurance on a turnkey basis including access control systems, emergency voice alarm communication system as well as security and fire alarms and video surveillance, automated parking systems and structured cabling systems, solutions of community TV reception and time-standard systems (digital clock system).

Integrated power supply systems

Means creation and introduction of continuous and uninterruptible power supply systems for the consumers of the first division, organization of bulk power supply as well as elaboration of systems of inner and outdoor lighting.

Power supply of the equipment

Design and assembling of uninterrupted DC power supply systems for equipment of telecommunications ensuring minimization of risks of failures and increase of reliability.

Lightning protection of buildings and structures

Selecting, calculating and assembling of an efficient complex of lightning protection of buildings and structures including the grounding system and barrage lights of constructions.

Intelligent system “Smart home”

Can be used both for private houses and for commercial and industrial facilities. Experts of RASSE will help to elaborate a concept and launch the full-features system of “Smart home” by virtue of introduction of intelligent automation system aimed at management of engineering systems of a modern building, provision of its full-scale control and monitoring.

Production processes management

Means individual design and introduction of automates systems of production processes management aimed at successful solution of different production tasks of the customers.


Creation and introduction of systems of management, monitoring and data collection at software level enabling the customers to get the fullest and the latest information of production processes.

Control and account of utilities

Services of elaboration and introduction of automated systems for control and account of utilities of a building on a turnkey basis.

Lights control

Includes elaboration, calculating and introduction of an efficient inner and outdoor lights control system based on digital protocols DALI, KNX, etc.

Electric measuring laboratory of RASSE

Primary test of automatic breakers, single-line schemes composition, insulation resistance tests, transition resistance and volume resistivity tests, loop parameters measurement, residual current circuit-breaker tests, etc. in own laboratory of RASSE.

Licenses and certificates

RASSE company has got the complete list of licenses, certificates of conformity, warrants and conclusions required for its full-fledged operation.

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