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Information security Department of LLC RASSE focuses on designing and introduction of complex solutions for protection of networks, information systems and business applications, meeting the requirements of customers and market regulators.

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Protection of information

Protection of information

In order to ensure leak protection, Information security specialists offer services of DLP-systems introduction enabling to prevent sending of confidential documentation to exterior mail boxes, copying of valuable information on flash-carriers with its further use, etc.

Portfolio of RASSE in data protection includes products of the leading domestic and international manufacturers. Innovative complexes created on their basis enable efficient solution of tasks of risks minimization in the event of various information security threats.


  • Websense
  • Search Inform

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Network security

Network security

Having developed proceeding of network security provision RASSE offers its customers solutions of virtual private networks construction in order to organize protected network connection between branches by means of open communication channels, allocation of network firewall and WAF aimed at separation of access to different segments of corporate network and efficient traffic filtering, network firewall of network applications. Within the framework of this direction Company specialists create not only intrusion prevention systems (IPS/IDS) detecting and locking out attacks on network layer but also protected Wi-Fi networks on a turnkey basis.


  • Cisco Systems
  • McAfee
  • S-terra

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Services and analysis tools of information security

Services and analysis tools of information security

Vast competencies of specialists for information security and rich experience of RASSE enable providing high-quality services of information security for customers from different branches. Now portfolio of the company includes such services as audit of customer’s systems along with further recommendations and development planning, creation of search systems and vulnerabilities elimination necessary for compliance with Personal data protection law. Moreover, introduction of solutions of class SIEM, necessary for collection and correlation of events and assurance of compliance with RCI and DSS standards, is available within the framework of realization of information security common concept.


  • RSA

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Information security monitoring solution

Information security monitoring solution

RASSE has been successfully realizing information security monitoring solutions ensuring not only the integrity of files and their configurations by means of security and changes monitoring policies but also protection of corporate business applications from undocumented features and tabs.

List of services available to customers covers as well mobile devices management performed by means of special applications aimed at total control of a device. Systems of such class can be introduced within the framework of implementation of united information security concept as well as a separate complex capable to fulfil the most widespread task of organization of employees’ secure mobility.


  • Tripwire

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Range of services

Protection from information leak

Organization of protection based on DLP-systems enabling to avert sending of confidential information to exterior mail boxes, copying of the information to external media, etc.

VPN construction

Deployment of virtual private networks (VPN) in order to organize secure connection between branch offices of the company along with protected link-up of remote employees.

Network firewall and WAF

Enables providing split access to network segments, organizing DMZ and filtration of incoming and outgoing traffic, malicious requests and commands.

Prevention and warning of intrusions

IPS/IDS systems are necessary for network traffic filtration and prevention or detection of attacks on network layer.

Protected Wi-Fi networks

Creation of protected Wi-Fi networks in accordance with actual threats to information security.

Collection and correlation of events

Introduction of SIEM-systems necessary for compliance with PCI DSS standards and realization of information security common concept.

Search and elimination of vulnerabilities

Solutions provide compliance with national law of the Russian Federation On personal data and enable organizing of regular scanning of network applications and hosts, search for vulnerabilities with their further elimination.

Audit of information security

This service includes examination, analysis of the current infrastructure and state of information security as well as preparation of recommendations accompanied by planning of their further realization. It is fulfilled both as one of sub-tasks within the framework of major projects and as independent project.

Monitoring of files integrity and configuration

Launch of a comprehensive solution aimed at configuration security management realizing security policies management, files integrity monitoring, configuration changes control in physical and virtual infrastructure.

Control of business applications initial code

Implementation of control necessary for protection of company business applications from tabs and undocumented features. It can be offered to customers not only as an off-the-shelf product but also as a service.

Mobile devices protection and management

This service is realized by the means of special applications controlling a device entirely and enabling to manage its functions, information, etc.

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RASSE company has got the complete list of licenses, certificates of conformity, warrants and conclusions required for its full-fledged operation.

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