Greenhouse agricultural complex

RASSE Company proposes the most advanced solutions to construct greenhouse complexes (GC) with reasonable use of up-to- date structures, power engineering and agronomical technologies.

Business profile

Greenhouse complex construction

Greenhouse complex construction

This activity includes elaboration of a business plan for greenhouse complex based on selection of financing (public funding, bank financing or private financing), layout planning with due account for dimensions of the construction as well as preparation of terms of reference of the design according to the wishes of the client relating to the quantity of crops, growing practice and space for each of them.

Growing practice

Growing practice

RASSE experts provide services of elaboration of efficient growing practices including setting goals of management of seeding, bedding, attendance, liquidation as well as measurement and preparation of cultural solutions for watering and fertilization, selection of fertilizers, watering practices and parameters, climate control. RASSE experts also provide choice of best available technology of plant cultivation in greenhouses with application of carbon dioxide fertilization, lighting, plants protection, air temperature and humidity.

Engineering solutions for greenhouse complexes

Engineering solutions for greenhouse complexes

The company provides selection of greenhouse construction producers. The applied technology and engineering equipment depend on the choice of dimension of the construction (section). Elaboration of terms of reference of engineering equipment is performed with due account for planning concept and crop cultivation technology.

Range of services

Elaboration of solutions for greenhouse complexes

A greenhouse complex is an individual technological solution. Despite similarity of applied technologies and construction, RASSE experts use only the best and the most suitable solutions to meet the goals of the customer.

Greenhouse complex design

Compliance with deadlines, schedule of industrial greenhouses erection are complicated technological processes demanding professional approach. Industrial greenhouses construction starts from elaboration of detailed design taking into account all technical requirements. Initially the customer shall determine a list of crops and production volume in order to select best available technologies.

Equipment supply

This service includes supply of such equipment of the leading world producers as drip watering system, automation of microclimate, lighting, screening and humidification.

Growing practice modernization

Allows increasing the predicted harvest by application of new precise technological systems and agronomical innovations.

Supply of consumable materials

Supply of necessary consumable materials: planting materials and muck blocks, technological floor coating, binding string, disinfection agents, spare parts for all types of equipment.

Warranty and maintenance service

Includes estimation of the customer’s technological systems (devices) state in terms of their further exploitation, organization of warranty service and direct implementation of maintenance service.

Licenses and certificates

RASSE company has got the complete list of licenses, certificates of conformity, warrants and conclusions required for its full-fledged operation.

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